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Minnamari Helmisaari is a Finnish/Swedish artist, writer and educator focused on visual storytelling. Minnamari's passion for learning across different disciplines is reflected in her studies, which have resulted in a MSc in Informatics and a BA in Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration. After working in higher education as a lecturer and program director Minnamari has shifted her main focus to her creative practice, which consists of working with different tools and techniques such as painting, vector design, collage, illustration, 3D-graphics and interactive prototypes.

Artist Statement

Though the tools and techniques I use range from illustration and painting to digital collages and 3D-prototypes, there are two central themes that form a red thread through my practice: Storytelling and Soul.

Stories make their way into our hearts and can both connect and divide people, depending on the way they are told. In my practice, I often use combinations of text and images, either within the works themselves or when a visual artwork is combined with its descriptive text. In this way, different layers of meaning are added onto the whole, highlighting the multidimensionality of reality.

I am fascinated by intersections, the things we learn to think of as opposites, and the shared spaces between & within them. At the core, I think that everything is interrelated, in complex and simple ways. The main aim of my artistic practice is to learn about, and experiment with this sense of complex connectedness. Through sharing my artwork I am trying to translate this complexity by giving visual form to inner processes such as emotional states, constructs of the mind and messages from the unconscious. My mission is to create soulful art that can help us see the connections between different realms of existence.


If you are curious to read some of my writings, you can check out my Substack-publication, Mysterious Musings. My intention with this publication is to have a space where I let my written expressions flow out, in whichever shape they choose. I am trying to explore how to write from the gut, in addition to only using the mind, and contents of my posts may take different forms: essays, poems, excerpts from my diary, sharing my dreams.

I've only just started it, so there isn't all too much content yet. But if this sounds interesting to you, feel free to check it out.

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