In addition to my creative work, I have decided to start offering guidance sessions and readings, as I feel called to guide others who are also curious to look deeper inside. The guidance that I offer is best seen as something to support the bringing forth of your own knowing. Your soul already knows. My role is mainly to provide a playful, supportive space where that which you already know can be brought closer to the surface, so that it becomes accessible to you.

On this page you can see what types of guidance sessions and readings I am offering at this time. If you scroll further down, you can find more information about my approach and my contact info for any further questions you may have.

If my approach resonates with you, I look forward to connecting.

With Love,

Tarot / Rune Card Readings

Bringing forth additional perspectives on a chosen issue with tarot cards or runes, using spreads inspired by my own transformative processes.

Live Sessions

Meeting in a shared, virtual space dedicated to uncovering deeper understanding about the stories you are living and the characters you are playing.

Human Design

Using human design as a tool for guiding your deconditioning process and learning how to use your unique energy in a way that is correct for you.

The idea with these live sessions is to create a shared space dedicated to bringing  forth new perspectives and uncover deeper understanding about your current situation, or life overall. All the live sessions can be carried out virtually. The sessions can be done over an audio or video call, or over live chat messages.

You can book a session through the calendar below. If you are curious about sessions, but want to learn more before booking, you can send me an email or leave a message. If you don't want to do a live session but rather want a remote reading that I send you as a written pdf or recording, please view the remote readings section on my Mysterious Studio online store.

Sessions & Readings

Get in touch

Feel free to send me an email with your questions to or leave a message below.
In your message, please share a few sentences about your situation. I will get back to you as soon as I can, usually within a day or two.

My guidance is based partly on my own life experience, and partly on the pedagogical knowledge that I learned when working as a teacher, but mostly my guidance is inspired by my own journey of (re)connecting with the inner world, and learning to trust my inner wisdom.

Communication lies at the heart of everything that I do, and I have found that communication unfolds on various levels. One level that is often overlooked is the need to communicate with ourselves. When starting a new project or changing direction in life, it is helpful to have some awareness about our motives, and whatever beliefs and feelings that we are carrying that will shape the experience. That way, we can adjust the direction so that our actions are more in line with our deeper values. I know how hard it can be to see an overview when deeply immersed in a project or in life overall. My role in this is to offer an outside perspective and to create a space where you can see yourself through additional lenses.

In pedagogy, I am mostly inspired by the approach of restrained teaching, the concept of threshold knowledge, and by the understanding that the most effective way to open up for the transformative power of learning is by doing so in an open, supportive space. In addition to these approaches from pedagogy I am also deeply inspired by Jungian concepts and approaches.

Thanks to the guidance of others, whether it came through books, sessions or random meetings, I have learned my own ways of looking inside, and as I have found deep meaning there, I now want to do my part in helping to guide others who feel called to look deeper inside as well.

Restrained teaching

Restrained teaching is an approach where the teacher takes a step back in order to allow for the learner’s own process to take center stage. In my guidance sessions, my role is mainly to provide a space that supports learning. I do function as a guide in aiding the learning process, and in helping to channel what comes through, but the intention is that your own access to your own knowing is what is brought to the forefront. In chart or card readings, the statements presented by cards or charts should therefore mainly be used as a tool for connecting to your own impressions and reflecting on what they bring up in you.

Threshold knowledge

Threshold knowledge is a concept that describes the way that accessing new knowledge can result in the walking over a threshold, or opening of a portal into a wholly new way of perceiving the world and our place in it. Through this new view point, the world view of a person may be transformed. The idea of these sessions is that a space is created where you are allowed to test out different ways of perceiving your life, either through discussion, active imagination excercises, or when a reading presents statements that prompt you to encounter previously hidden perspectives.

Storytelling & Active Imagination

I am deeply inspired by Jungian concepts, such as individuation; the fascinating connections between collective archetypes, myths and stories; and the approach of active imagination in accessing wisdom from the inner world. In my guidance sessions, I use these approaches to bring forth wisdom from the subconscious and personal unconscious, and connect to collective archetypes in order to gain a deeper view of life as connected to the larger whole.

Playful, Supportive Space

The sessions may look very different from person to person, as they are designed in accordance with each person’s individual situation, but in essence, what I am offering is a playful, supportive space for taking a moment to land in your own life, and to listen in to what your soul wants to tell you.

My Guidance Approach

“This reading was so in depth and got right to the heart of what I’m going through. It is absolutely chock full of helpful imagery, nudging me to see the bigger picture and to accept what I already know. A beautiful invitation to surrender and flow with my journey and indication that I am on the path I hoped to be on. This reading is proving to be an enduring gift.”

Diana Leigh

“The reading I received from Minnamari was deeply insightful. We explored my energy through the metaphor of a Garden and she explained each card in depth. Her assessment of my energy felt clear and concise and I appreciated the reflection questions that accompanied each section. The reading validated where and why I’ve felt uncertain and what I can do to support and nurture myself as I move forward. This reading was compassionate, gentle, and honest.”

Melissa Williams